Let’s talk another language

In an attempt to get more readers to look at this blog I am now switching to English. Well, that is one of the reasons. The main reason for writing in English is because I’m going to a big international congress in three weeks. And since I will have to speak English all the time there I need some practice. I have not written in English for a very long time, so forgive me if there are some mistakes (but Firefox’ spelling check helps a lot). I am now working on translating everything on this blog except the old posts (that would take too much time). As a start I have translated the categories, the titles on the pages and the “about me” page. I will translate the “camera collection” page soon, but since the names of the cameras are the same in every language you can still understand what cameras I have. And when I get time I will make a new header/logo since it is written “My blog where I will write about everything” in Norwegian on the one I have now. But now I really have to sleep, because I have work to do tomorrow.

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One thought on “Let’s talk another language

  1. It’s cool that your switching to English! Have you thought about making a shorter tagline?

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