Apple’s new touchscreen watch

Yesterday Apple launched a lot of new products, like three new ipods. They have not actually made a watch. But the new ipod Nano has a watch and it also is the size of a large watch. I think it would be really cool to have a large touch screen watch that also works as a mp3-player, can show images, be used with Nike+ ipod and has a radio. In this Norwegian article about the new Apple products they wrote that it can be used as a watch. And I am sure there will be some accessory for it soon that will make it possible to wear it on the arm as a watch. The new ipod Touch (the big one, since there is now two Ipod touches) is also interesting. It has everything I want from the iphone 4, like the HD camera, the new screen and the faster processor but without the phone capabilities. I don’t neeed a new cell phone now since the simple one I have now is only one year old. And if I’m buying a new phone I would probably buy a Android phone. But I am a little disappointed by the new Shuffle. The ad says: “The new ipod shuffle. With buttons, VoiceOver, and playlists, it’s the perfect mix.” But they already had VoiceOver on the last shuufle which was a lot smaller, and the one before the last one had buttons and looked just like the new one. So nothing new here, except that it is a bit smaller than the previous version with buttons. But the different colours are nice.

Here is a fun Youtube video my teacher showed to my class today. It’s an ad for Silva, and the text at the end says “Silva, real navigation equipment, to land and sea, since 1932”

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