Boblbee backpack

So now my Boblbee Megalopolis Sport backpack has finally arrived, and I have used it to campus yesterday and today. I am really happy with it. When I first put it on my back it felt like I was wearing a jet pack or something else from the future since it is different from any of the backpacks I have tried before. A Boblbee is body shaped, and that means that it feels like it is glued to your back. I discovered yesterday that this has a small disadvantage, which is that I am really warm in my back when I come to school after 25 minutes of uphill biking. But I can live with that. Here is some pictures I took of it when I unpacked it. The black round unit in the third image is an accessory bag that fits on the outside of the backpack. In image 4 and 5 I have put it on the backpack.

Yesterday I also had my first lecture in “introduction to programming” and that was fun since the teacher said a lot funny things that I wrote down. Here are some quotes: “These courses are in Norwegian, but the programming language we use, Java, is international”. “A programming course without a programming language is like swimming training without a swimming pool” (he was talking about why we was using Java in the course). “It’s nice to talk about the latest development in programming over a cup of tea. It’s things like that that gives life a meaning”. “Programming is harder than learning to drive a car, but easier than learning to fly a plane”. Since it was the first lecture, what we learned was very basic, but I think it will be a lot of fun to learn Java.

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One thought on “Boblbee backpack

  1. Er kul den sekken. Prøver å få kjæersten min til å kjøpe den, men tror ikke det blir noe av.

    Og gøy å høre at du skal drive med programmering, spesielt Java. Har selv hatt to kurs i det, og det er virkelig gøy.

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