Propeller hat worklog

Here in Norway we had a TV comedy series called Brødrene Dal. In the series one of the main characters always sports a propeller hat. Now they have made a new adventure as a feature film, and in that occasion I wanted to make a propeller hat like the one in the series. So some time ago I bought a pith helmet (also called safari helmet) on ebay with the intention of putting a propeller on top of it. Here is how I made it. Click on the images to see them bigger.

Here is the helmet I bought.

I bought the propeller in a local hobby shop, but I didn’t like the original colours. I also wanted to make it like it was in the original series. So I painted it silver and gold with model paint. To make the stripes I used electrical tape. I had to cut the tape to make thinner strips of it. I found out that I could put it on food paper while cutting it. And finally I put the tape strips on the propeller at an equal distance.

The top of the helmet was easy to screw off. Then I had a 1 cm hole on the hat. To fix the propeller to the hat I made 4 parts (as seen in the second image above). The first part is a big nail that I cut to a length of 4 cm. Then I made a 10 cm round rod and cut to round pieces out of thin plywood. The smallest piece will go on the outside of the hat, and the bigger piece will be on the inside. And a small screw will hold it together. In the third image above the parts are fixed together. Below is how the finished hat looks like.

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4 thoughts on “Propeller hat worklog

  1. haha, that hat looks exactly like the one in the show. Kudos for you.

  2. Morten

    The original propeller is white with blue stripes. but you have done a wery good job 😀 i have made a hat just like that 😀

    • André

      Thanks for your comment! I have another propeller, so I can paint that one white.

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