I’m travelling soon

In some days (on Sunday) I will travel to Romania and be there for a week. In Romania I will participate at a congress organised by EGEA (European Geographers Association). It’s an organisations with local groups and members all over Europe. Each year EGEA organise a big congress that last for a week where students from every part of Europe meet and learn, go on trips and have fun together. This year the annual congress is in Transylvania (Dracula land) in the northern Romania. It’s the first time I travel to Romania, so it will be fun to see a new country. so now I am packing for the trip and doing all the school assignments for this week and next week since I won’t have much time for that at the congress.

For the trip I have bought a GoPro HD action camera so I can capture the nature and the fun in hd. I have made some test footage with it, and it looks really nice. Tomorrow I will put the camera on my bike helmet and do a more serious test of it. If I get time I will put my helmet movie out here. And I will make some films of Romania when I get home. In two weeks I should have some more hd footage to show. In the meantime you can go to the manufacturers website (link higher up) or youtube and see what this small camera can do. Under is a picture of my camera and a surf movie made with a GoPro camera.

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2 thoughts on “I’m travelling soon

  1. Grattis med GoPro kamera. Har selv lyst på et slikt, kan ta mye kule scener! Kos deg I Romania.

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