It’s been a long time since my last blog post, but first I went to Romania and after that trip I had some busy weeks with a lot of school work. But now I finally have some time to write more. And I will start with writing about my trip to Romania.

Before I went to Romania I read in two different travel books about the country and the currency, the trains, the traditions I everything else. But since I didn’t know anything else than what I had read it was exiting to go there and see a new country. I only had some ideas about what to expect, but they turned out to be wrong. I expected a lot of poverty, pickpockets and old grey buildings. But Romania is a lot more than that. Maybe the capital Bucharest is more like that, but I didn’t have time to visit Bucharest. First I was two days in a city called Cluj-Napoca (commonly known as Cluj) since I would take a bus from that city to the congress place. Cluj is a nice city which has a lot of old and colourful buildings. It also has Romanias biggest university and therefore it’s the academic centre in Romania. The place where I stayed was a hostel named Transylvania Hostel. The staff there was the nicest people in the world and they wanted to do everything for me to make my stay the best possible. At the hostel I met some people that was members in the same organisation as me and was going to the same congress. We had a great party the day before the congress started with really cheap beer. And unlike Norway the clubs don’t close at 02.00, but sometime early in the morning.

Click the button below to read more and see pictures from Romania.

The next day we took a bus for four hours to the congress place. For the next six days I learned a lot, met a lot of cool persons from all over Europe, and partied every evening. The most exotic day was the excursion day. I had chosen the “village trip”. On that trip we met some people living in the Romanian countryside, and they teached us how to make a haystack. We also tasted some Romanian food and alcohol. After the congress I had to take the train for ten hours from Cluj to Bucharest because my plane home went from there. On the trip home me and a friend had to wait for three hours at Schiphol, Amsterdam. While we waited there I became a bit sick, probably because it had been a hard week with parties every day. But I think I will travel to Romania again some time.Under is a gallery with some of the pictures I took in Romania. In that gallery I have removed all the party pictures because they look exactly like party pictures do (a lot of people drinking and dancing).

Click on the picture below to get to the gallery, or click here to get to a flash slideshow.

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