Busy times (again)

I feel a bit guilty for not writing here as often as I want to, but now I have something to do almost every day, so I don’t get much time for blogging. I have school work to deliver each week, lectures every day (even lectures at the same time) and driving lessons once a week. On the evenings I have meetings with the photo club or the student association of geography and in April the sailing and orienteering season starts again. If that’s not enough, I’m also travelling again soon. I can’t complain since I love to travel, but it means I have less time for other things like writing here. Next week I will travel to Helsinki for 5 days. Two days after that trip I have an obligatory field trip with my class that will last three days. And in the eastern holiday (end of April) I will travel to St Petersburg in Russia for another geography congress. But it’s fun to live the life, explore the world and do things instead of doing nothing.

Now I have some big projects that I’m working on. The first ones are school projects which is a bit complicated to explain here. Another project is to backup all my pictures to my smugmug page. Now I’m soon finished with all my pictures from 2010, then I will upload all the pictures from 2004 – 2009, and at the end the pictures from 2011. I’m taking one month at the time, and since I have to look through all the pictures and delete the bad ones before uploading it takes a lot of time. Since the internet line at my home is really slow I also only do uploading at the campus. That means only some hours of uploading every week. But I plan to have all my pictures on the web in some months.

Here’s some pictures from a Datarock concert in September last year taken on black and white film. Click on “close” in the upper right coner to see the rest of the pictures.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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One thought on “Busy times (again)

  1. Looking forward to see your photo project. Sounds big!

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