Some summer DIY

This summer I worked a lot, but in between I did some small do-it-yourself projects. So here is the complete list of what I made. Click on any of the pictures to see them bigger.

1. New propeller hat. My propeller hat was stolen in June when I wore it at a club. So I bought a new one and made a new propeller. This time the fixing is made with a thin metal tube instead of wood, so it’s a lot lighter and stronger.


2. I tested my homebuilt sailboat I built last summer, and found out that the sails I had made fast didn’t work well. So I added a boom in the front of the boat and made bigger sails. Now it sails really well. I also worked with my cousin on a real sail boat that belongs to my and his family. The autumn came too fast, but now it’s ready for next year!



3. This summer I finally bought and played the games Portal and Portal 2. And since I really liked them I made a portal sentry turret egg cup. The instructions are on instructables.


4. Modular origami. I have become a fan of modular origami, which is geometric shapes made with for example 30 pieces interlocked in each other, as is the case with this one. To make them go to Tom Hulls webpage or his youtube channel (easier to learn).

5. A camera bag/pouch. I needed a camera bag for a travel, but the ones I looked at in the camera shop costed a lot. So I used the same tissue as for the model boat and sewed it together with some rope to make a simple bag. Inside it I have another thicker pouch to protect the camera.

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