What goes into my hand luggage?

Since I just acquired a new shoulder bag that I will use for travelling I decided to see if it can actually fit all the things I usually bring in my hand luggage. So here is everything laid out on my living room table.


Click on read more to get a list of these things and see if all of this fits in my shoulder bag:

The things on the table are (from top left):
– A water bottle (usually I also bring some food in my hand luggage)
– Keys to my home
– A flashdrive, this one is in the shape of a metal key
– 1 Last line bookmark
– A online bank code generator
– A reading Thumbthing (to hold a book with one hand)
– A4 notepad and pens (one of them has four colours)
– Laptop with power cord and wireless mouse
– Spare glasses in case
– Passport
– Mp3-player with earplugs
– Kindle in homemade case
– Sometimes a book (I chose a thick book this time to test the shoulder bag, but I can also just bring the kindle to read)
– Camera in camera bag with external flash
– Sometimes I also bring my gps (bottom in the picture)

Not shown here is my wallet (goes in my jacket), my smartphone (goes in my pants pocket) and my watch (on my wrist).

So here’s my new shoulder bag, it’s a Mono EFX Producer:

I’m happy to say that everything fits, with room to spare in the main compartment and the smaller pockets. If I didn’t use a big book for this test I would have even more free space in the bag. Now let’s see how well it works in real life on my next travel, which is to Poland in September.

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