Camera collection

I do a lot of photography, both digital and with film. I also have some super-8 cameras. Because of this I now have a small collection of cameras, since I always like new toys to play with. Here’s some information about them.  Click on the pictures to see them bigger.

Digital cameras:

Samsung NX 100

NX 100  This is my newest camera, and also the most powerful. It’s a system  camera (exchangeable lens) with 14 Mp and ISO that goes to 3200 (or 6400 if you really need it). The sensor is an APS-C sensor, so it’s the same sensor as in a lot of DSLR’s. It’s  a really a great camera. I also have an adapter for it so it can use my Nikon lenses.

Canon Powershot SX10 IS

SX!10 ISI have had this camera since January 2009, and it’s a great camera. The 20x zoom lens is great and really useful on travels. I’ve brought this camera to France, Romania, the Netherlands and Russia, and it have never failed. A bit big to carry, but it’s everything you need in one camera. A SLR camera with a 580 mm lens would be many times the size.

Casio Exilim ex-z90

CasioThere’s not much to say about this camera. I bought it at a sale reaaly cheap just to have a party camera that I could afford to lose or break. It works well for it’s price. But I don’t need some of the functions it have, like the face and make-up filter that removes every spot on your skin and makes you look photoshopped.

Samsung Digimax v4

V4This is my first digital camera. I bought it back in 2004, and it still works almost perfect (only the flash is dead). This camera has also done a lot of travel, like France several times, Morocco and and year at Voss folkehøgskule. I have taken thousands of pictures with this little camera and they all look good thanks to the cameras excellent Schneider – Kreuznach lens. The 4 Mp can seem like nothing today, but it’s really all you need most of the time. I remember buying it with a 256 mb memory card (huge at that time!) like it’s yesterday.

Gopro HD Hero 2

goproThis is my toughest camera. It’s housing is waterproof to 60m, and can also handle a lot of shocks. A lot of TV shows use this camera, like  Top Gear and Mythbusters! Someone in USA even sent a camera like this up in space with a weather balloon. It can capture movies in 1080p HD or take pictures of 11 Mp. A function I like is the photos every 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 or 60 seconds. It makes great timelapse movies. And it has a 170° wide angle lens. A camera made for fun. (The picture is of my old camera, I have the new version now!)

Kodak with 2 Mp

I don’t have a picture of this one, and I don’t know the model name. I bought it at a flea market for almost nothing just for fun, and I only call it the “Kodak with 2 Mp”. That name should say why I’m not using it.

Film cameras

Nikon F80


On the picture you see my Nikon F80 body with a tamron AF 19-35mm lens on the body. Besides it is my two other lenses, a Nikon 50 mm 1,8d and a Cosina 28-210mm. I have taken several rolls of pictures with this camera, so it is the film camera I have used the most. The photos I get are always perfect, and it makes me want to only take pictures on film.

Olympus OM10

OM10This is my fathers Olympus OM 10 that he bought when he was young, and since he’s not using it I am borrowing it forever. Olympus had a lot of success with their OM series of cameras, and when I look at it I can understand why. It looks good, is small for a slr, makes a nice shutter sound and has really good Zuiko optics. This is the camera that never need new batteries and never dies.

Zorki 4

This is a Russian rangefinder that looks a bit like a Leica. It also uses the same lens mount as Leica, so I could use Leica optics on it (not that I have any). I bought it as a birthday present to myself this year because I wanted to try a rangefinder without using a lot of money. I had read about Zorki and gave it a try. I’m happy to say that mine works perfect. After what I have read that is not always the case with Russian cameras. It requires a lot of attention to use, since turning the shutter speed knob before advancing the film will damage the camera. And no light meter means I have to use a external light meter or a card with tables on it.

Konica AA-35 (Half-frame)

aa35As the title says, it’s a half-frame camera. This means that the pictures on the film roll is half the size of regular pictures (24 x 18 mm instead of 24 x 36 mm) and I can take 72 pictures on a regular roll of 36 pictures. I bought it at a market for 10 kr (1,8 usd) and found out later on the net that it’s a camera that is hard to find. I also like the futuristic look of it. With film advance motor and autofocus in a thin housing one wouldn’t believe there’s also room for film.

Holga 135

holgaThis is an expensive piece of plastic. All the cameras above (except the 2 Mp Kodak) are better in some way. I still have my first roll in it, so I haven’t seen pictures taken with it yet. These cameras are popular because they take artistic pictures, and Lomography (the company that sells these cameras) make a lot of money on people who likes unsharp (or artistic) photos.

Lomo robot


Not a real Lomo camera, just a cheap toy bought from China. It takes 3 pictures fast after each other. The viewfinder is just a plastic in a square shape. I also have a roll to finish in this camera.




Yashica 35 MF

Not much to say about the two next cameras. they work well and was bought cheap.







Chinon Monami 35 FSchinon







Polaroid Land Camera Supercolor 1000

PolaroidMy only Polaroid camera.







Cameras I don’t use or that doesn’t work

vilia auto

   Russian Vilia Auto (doesn’t work)







Some cheap camera (doesn’t work)








   Kodak Ektra 22-EF (uses 110 film)


2 thoughts on “Camera collection

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  2. Hilde Emilie

    Hei André. Eller, god morgen, heter det vel på denne tiden 🙂 Wow, jeg er så imponert over samlingen din! Mange ulike og spennende kameraer du har! Fortsett å kose deg med å ta bilder og filme, det som gjør en glad er viktig å bruke tid på! Og så er du kjempeflink til å fange både steder og øyeblikk 🙂 Ønsker deg en strålende mandag og ny uke. Klem fra Hildemor

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