Let’s talk another language

In an attempt to get more readers to look at this blog I am now switching to English. Well, that is one of the reasons. The main reason for writing in English is because I’m going to a big international congress in three weeks. And since I will have to speak English all the time there I need some practice. I have not written in English for a very long time, so forgive me if there are some mistakes (but Firefox’ spelling check helps a lot). I am now working on translating everything on this blog except the old posts (that would take too much time). As a start I have translated the categories, the titles on the pages and the “about me” page. I will translate the “camera collection” page soon, but since the names of the cameras are the same in every language you can still understand what cameras I have. And when I get time I will make a new header/logo since it is written “My blog where I will write about everything” in Norwegian on the one I have now. But now I really have to sleep, because I have work to do tomorrow.

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Tips om flott blogg

I dag kommer jeg med tips om en flott blogg skrevet av en venn av meg. Det er bloggen 2k3 Blog Style som handler om data, spill og flash-spill. Mye interessant lesing og mange tips om nettspill og andre spill. Den er verdt et besøk. Link til bloggen ligger også under blogroll.

Jeg har oppdatert forrige post så alle bildene til sluttprosjektet ligger der som et galleri i stedet for bare et bilde.

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