It’s been a long time since my last blog post, but first I went to Romania and after that trip I had some busy weeks with a lot of school work. But now I finally have some time to write more. And I will start with writing about my trip to Romania.

Before I went to Romania I read in two different travel books about the country and the currency, the trains, the traditions I everything else. But since I didn’t know anything else than what I had read it was exiting to go there and see a new country. I only had some ideas about what to expect, but they turned out to be wrong. I expected a lot of poverty, pickpockets and old grey buildings. But Romania is a lot more than that. Maybe the capital Bucharest is more like that, but I didn’t have time to visit Bucharest. First I was two days in a city called Cluj-Napoca (commonly known as Cluj) since I would take a bus from that city to the congress place. Cluj is a nice city which has a lot of old and colourful buildings. It also has Romanias biggest university and therefore it’s the academic centre in Romania. The place where I stayed was a hostel named Transylvania Hostel. The staff there was the nicest people in the world and they wanted to do everything for me to make my stay the best possible. At the hostel I met some people that was members in the same organisation as me and was going to the same congress. We had a great party the day before the congress started with really cheap beer. And unlike Norway the clubs don’t close at 02.00, but sometime early in the morning.

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I’m travelling soon

In some days (on Sunday) I will travel to Romania and be there for a week. In Romania I will participate at a congress organised by EGEA (European Geographers Association). It’s an organisations with local groups and members all over Europe. Each year EGEA organise a big congress that last for a week where students from every part of Europe meet and learn, go on trips and have fun together. This year the annual congress is in Transylvania (Dracula land) in the northern Romania. It’s the first time I travel to Romania, so it will be fun to see a new country. so now I am packing for the trip and doing all the school assignments for this week and next week since I won’t have much time for that at the congress.

For the trip I have bought a GoPro HD action camera so I can capture the nature and the fun in hd. I have made some test footage with it, and it looks really nice. Tomorrow I will put the camera on my bike helmet and do a more serious test of it. If I get time I will put my helmet movie out here. And I will make some films of Romania when I get home. In two weeks I should have some more hd footage to show. In the meantime you can go to the manufacturers website (link higher up) or youtube and see what this small camera can do. Under is a picture of my camera and a surf movie made with a GoPro camera.

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Propeller hat worklog

Here in Norway we had a TV comedy series called Brødrene Dal. In the series one of the main characters always sports a propeller hat. Now they have made a new adventure as a feature film, and in that occasion I wanted to make a propeller hat like the one in the series. So some time ago I bought a pith helmet (also called safari helmet) on ebay with the intention of putting a propeller on top of it. Here is how I made it. Click on the images to see them bigger.

Here is the helmet I bought.

I bought the propeller in a local hobby shop, but I didn’t like the original colours. I also wanted to make it like it was in the original series. So I painted it silver and gold with model paint. To make the stripes I used electrical tape. I had to cut the tape to make thinner strips of it. I found out that I could put it on food paper while cutting it. And finally I put the tape strips on the propeller at an equal distance.

The top of the helmet was easy to screw off. Then I had a 1 cm hole on the hat. To fix the propeller to the hat I made 4 parts (as seen in the second image above). The first part is a big nail that I cut to a length of 4 cm. Then I made a 10 cm round rod and cut to round pieces out of thin plywood. The smallest piece will go on the outside of the hat, and the bigger piece will be on the inside. And a small screw will hold it together. In the third image above the parts are fixed together. Below is how the finished hat looks like.

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Colours on photo gear

Why does photography gear always have to be black? Almost every SLR camera today is black, and you have to buy a compact camera to get a camera with some cool colours like blue or orange. But Pentax is a exception and have made their cameras in many different colours. Here it is only available in some colours (black, blue, red and white) but in Japan it is possible to get the Pentax K-X it in 100 different colour combinations.It makes me happy to see that a big company like Pentax dares to make their cameras and lenses different than the other camera manufacturers.


And here is their newest lens:

Source: Pentaxforums

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The flying car is now a reality

Now an American company named Terrafugia has made a flying car that looks nice and works well. The video under is their new model, but  you don’t see it fly in that video. The second video is of their first car actually flying.

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Apple’s new touchscreen watch

Yesterday Apple launched a lot of new products, like three new ipods. They have not actually made a watch. But the new ipod Nano has a watch and it also is the size of a large watch. I think it would be really cool to have a large touch screen watch that also works as a mp3-player, can show images, be used with Nike+ ipod and has a radio. In this Norwegian article about the new Apple products they wrote that it can be used as a watch. And I am sure there will be some accessory for it soon that will make it possible to wear it on the arm as a watch. The new ipod Touch (the big one, since there is now two Ipod touches) is also interesting. It has everything I want from the iphone 4, like the HD camera, the new screen and the faster processor but without the phone capabilities. I don’t neeed a new cell phone now since the simple one I have now is only one year old. And if I’m buying a new phone I would probably buy a Android phone. But I am a little disappointed by the new Shuffle. The ad says: “The new ipod shuffle. With buttons, VoiceOver, and playlists, it’s the perfect mix.” But they already had VoiceOver on the last shuufle which was a lot smaller, and the one before the last one had buttons and looked just like the new one. So nothing new here, except that it is a bit smaller than the previous version with buttons. But the different colours are nice.

Here is a fun Youtube video my teacher showed to my class today. It’s an ad for Silva, and the text at the end says “Silva, real navigation equipment, to land and sea, since 1932”

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Boblbee backpack

So now my Boblbee Megalopolis Sport backpack has finally arrived, and I have used it to campus yesterday and today. I am really happy with it. When I first put it on my back it felt like I was wearing a jet pack or something else from the future since it is different from any of the backpacks I have tried before. A Boblbee is body shaped, and that means that it feels like it is glued to your back. I discovered yesterday that this has a small disadvantage, which is that I am really warm in my back when I come to school after 25 minutes of uphill biking. But I can live with that. Here is some pictures I took of it when I unpacked it. The black round unit in the third image is an accessory bag that fits on the outside of the backpack. In image 4 and 5 I have put it on the backpack.

Yesterday I also had my first lecture in “introduction to programming” and that was fun since the teacher said a lot funny things that I wrote down. Here are some quotes: “These courses are in Norwegian, but the programming language we use, Java, is international”. “A programming course without a programming language is like swimming training without a swimming pool” (he was talking about why we was using Java in the course). “It’s nice to talk about the latest development in programming over a cup of tea. It’s things like that that gives life a meaning”. “Programming is harder than learning to drive a car, but easier than learning to fly a plane”. Since it was the first lecture, what we learned was very basic, but I think it will be a lot of fun to learn Java.

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Let’s talk another language

In an attempt to get more readers to look at this blog I am now switching to English. Well, that is one of the reasons. The main reason for writing in English is because I’m going to a big international congress in three weeks. And since I will have to speak English all the time there I need some practice. I have not written in English for a very long time, so forgive me if there are some mistakes (but Firefox’ spelling check helps a lot). I am now working on translating everything on this blog except the old posts (that would take too much time). As a start I have translated the categories, the titles on the pages and the “about me” page. I will translate the “camera collection” page soon, but since the names of the cameras are the same in every language you can still understand what cameras I have. And when I get time I will make a new header/logo since it is written “My blog where I will write about everything” in Norwegian on the one I have now. But now I really have to sleep, because I have work to do tomorrow.

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Hovedbygningen på NTNU sett fra Festningen.

Nå har skoleåret startet igjen, men jeg har ennå ikke hatt noen forelesninger. For denne uka er det fadderuke, og jeg er fadder for geografi. Det er gøy og til en viss grad lærerikt, men det betyr at jeg har festet med de nye studentene hver dag denne uka. I dag var det for eksempel togaparty. Siden de aller fleste hadde på seg fine togaer var det en artig fest. Neste uke (mandag eller tirsdag) starter forelesninger og øvinger, og jeg gleder meg.  Dette semesteret skal jeg ta noen fag som ikke er en del av geografi, men som er nyttige for den retningen jeg vil med utdanningen. Det er fag som geomatikk og innføring i programmering. Geomatikk er kort fortalt alt en blanding av kartografi, Geografiske informasjonssystemer (gis) og data. I forbindelse med skolestart har jeg bestilt en ny skolesekk, da den jeg har er 6 år gammel og begynner å revne igjen (og jeg er lei av å se den sammen). Den jeg har bestilt er en Boblbee Megalopolis Sport. Den skal tåle mye, og alle delene på den kan byttes ut om noe går i stykker. Og den er også godkjent som ryggplate for ski/sykkel, så hvis jeg faller beskytter den både innholdet og ryggen min. Jeg skal prøve å få til en liten test når jeg får den i posten om noen dager. Jeg har også bestilt en tropehatt/tropehjelm. Den skal jeg sette en propell på som Brumund Dal i Brødrene Dal har. Og så skal jeg ha den på meg på premieren til den nye Brødrene Dal-filmen som kommer den 10. september. I slutten av september reiser jeg en uke til Romania, så da blir det sikkert litt skriving før og etter reisen.

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Vive la France!

Tittelen betyr hurra for Frankrike. I dag er det nemlig den franske nasjonaldagen. I Frankrike er det store fyrverkeri på alle større steder på nasjonaldagen, og det i Paris er det største og mest spektakulære av dem. Nå har jeg nettopp sett årets fyrverkeri på 35 minutter på nettet, og når filmen av det blir lagt ut skal jeg linke til det her (jeg så det streamet). I mellomtiden legger jeg ut film av fyrverkeriet fra i fjor.

Update: Her er hele filmen fra årets fyrverkeri. På denne siden kan du også se en timelapse-film av fyrverkeriet som nice.

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